PTAC has selected four areas that show promise in improving a wide section of the health of Pueblo County citizens. These initiatives reflect community priorities (sources: community health assessment, community inventory), align with the strategic priorities of local institutions (sources: stakeholder meetings and surveys) and produce synergies that will ensure short-term savings while maximizing long-term impact and sustainability (sources: IHI consultation, ReThink Health modeling, literature reviews).

Obesity Reduction

Two-thirds of Pueblo County adults are either overweight or obese, and almost one-third of Pueblo County children (ages 2-14) are overweight or obese. PTAC is working with Pueblo County groups and organizations in three specific target areas to improve obesity rates: changing the physical environment to encourage more activity for all ages; improving food systems in Pueblo County, and; encouraging Pueblo County employers to create opportunities for their employees to eat healthier and increase physical activity. PTAC is using the Pueblo Community Health Improvement Plan to guide obesity reduction activities.

View our intervention measures to see how we’re doing on obesity.


Lower Teen and Unintended Pregnancy Rates

Pueblo County’s teen (ages 15-19) birth rate is more than 50% higher than the state of Colorado average, with over half of all pregnancies for ages 20-24 being unplanned. PTAC is engaging with community partners in positive youth development programs, including mentoring initiatives, to provide positive role modeling and support for youth.

View our intervention measures to see how we’re doing on teen pregnancy.


Get More Adults to Quit Smoking

Nearly 1 in 4 Pueblo County adults smoke, while an average of only 17% of Colorado adults smoke. Reducing Pueblo County’s smoking rate to the state average, Pueblo County would be able to improve six places in Colorado’s County Health Rankings Health Behavior statistics. PTAC is working with Pueblo County employers to encourage them to provide their employees resources to quit smoking. PTAC is also identifying opportunities within the health care industry for smoking cessation solutions that can be implemented in the broader community.

View our intervention measures to see how we’re doing on smoking rates.


Reduce Hospital Readmissions and Emergency Department Use

Every year thousands of Pueblo county residents experience an avoidable hospital readmission or visit the emergency department when an alternate source of care was available. Avoidable readmissions and ED visits are costly to the health care system and can negatively impact patient outcomes. PTAC works with health care providers in the county to support initiatives aimed at coordinating care to avoid hospital readmissions and keep Pueblo County residents healthy. Similarly, PTAC works with stakeholders across the community to reduce avoidable Emergency Department visits and encourage Pueblo County residents to seek less costly outpatient options when appropriate.

We are in the process of developing final measures for both Readmissions and ED use in conjunction with our Steering Committee.