Why is improving the health of everyone in Pueblo County so important?

Ever-rising healthcare spending weakens Pueblo’s local economy, threatens jobs, and has failed to deliver improved health of Pueblo County citizens. This combination of increased costs and poor results threatens Pueblo’s future by diverting resources from investment in education and growth.

Despite nearly $1 billion spent on each year on health care in our community, Pueblo County still ranks in the bottom 10 counties in Colorado in the quality and length of our lives according to County Health Rankings.

Worse yet, Pueblo County ranks in the bottom five Colorado counties in behaviors directly impacting health: smoking, diet and exercise, tobacco use, and sexual activity.

To address these unacceptable results, the Pueblo Triple Aim Corporation (PTAC) was created. PTAC serves as the backbone support organization to coordinate all Pueblo County efforts to make Pueblo County the healthiest county in Colorado.


A collective, collaborative, community effort to make health a top priority and value in Pueblo County.

Community Health Improvement Plan

Find out more about Pueblo's Community Health Improvement Plan here.

Highlighted Partners

Integrated Community Health Partners is a partnership between ValueOptions®, Inc., and five Colorado-based service delivery organizations including Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN) and its primary care provider organizations, and four community mental health Centers serving ICHP counties.
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